Issue 4.1


Contemporary Literature, Culture and Cinema of Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan


Submission Deadline: CLOSED


Inquire: Journal of Comparative Literature invites article submissions on contemporary literature, culture and cinema of Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkey.

One of Comparative Literature’s primary imperatives is to break away from Eurocentrism and Western canons of literature by opening intellectual spaces for conceptualizations and analyses of literatures that are usually ignored by Western Academia. Focussing this issue on Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkey, Inquire seeks to provide a forum for dialogue on the cultures and cultural products of these unique regions.                

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Alterity and Othering
  • Censorship, propaganda and the (non-)movement of texts
  • Cultural production in exile and diaspora
  • Fashion and clothing
  • Film, television and visual culture
  • Representations of gender and sexuality
  • Literature and art of Religious and Ethnic Minorities
  • (Post-)Modernity
  • Publishing practices and minor languages
  • Religion, fundamentalism and secularism
  • Representations of war, violence or oppression
  • Resistance, transgressing and complicity
  • Travel writing and the travel of texts
  • Trauma


As always, Inquire encourages comparative analysis, the study of texts in their original language of publication, and critical approaches to textual analysis from inside and outside the text. We ask that all articles be written in English with citations that include both the original language textual quotations and an accompanying English translation.


Deadline: CLOSED


Submission Guidelines

Inquire accepts article submissions by graduate students relevant to the current call for papers. All submissions must meet the following guidelines: original work not submitted elsewhere, complete articles in English, 5,000-7,000 words (including works cited list and endnotes), MLA formatting, 12-pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, justified. Please include a separate cover sheet with name, institutional affiliation, email address, and a short biography (max 60 words). Send inquiries and submissions to


Peer Review

Inquire responds to all inquiries and acknowledges all submissions within two weeks. Submissions accepted for review are read anonymously by two peer reviewers. The author receives two reviews, additional comments from the editor and an editorial decision. Inquire provides respectful, informed and constructive feedback to all authors regardless of the editorial decision. The review process begins immediately following the submission deadline and takes ~4-8 weeks. Publication follows approximately four months after the call for papers deadline. If you are interested in joining Inquire as a peer-review reader, write to


New Trans

‘New Trans’ is intended to promote and encourage the creation and dissemination of literary works not originally in English through the publication of accompanying English translations done by graduate students. Inquire will publish previously unpublished English translations of poetry, drama or prose, complete or in part, that have not previously been translated or that are in need of a new version. 

Generally, submissions should not exceed 5,000 words. All submissions accepted for further review will be peer-reviewed. It is recommended that translators provide a one-page description of the relevance or importance of the work under translation with the initial submission. In some cases, a copy of the original text may be necessary. 

Note: It is the responsibility of the translator to ensure that copyright permission is attained, as necessary.

If you are interested in contributing a translation to an upcoming issue, write to for further details, indicating in the subject line the purpose of your email.



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11.2011-05.2012. Inquire is seeking graduate students in Comparative Literature and the Arts to join the editorial team for 2012-13.

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