July 2014

Inquire: Journal of Comparative Literature 3.2 (February 2014) ‘Neither Here Nor There: The (Non-)Geographical Futures of Comparative Literature’ is published.

‘Neither Here Nor There: The (Non-)Geographical Futures of Comparative Literature’ is a joint special issue, published in conjunction with Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (CRCL) and Peking University of Comparative Literature. This issue features a range of contributions from emerging and established academics in Literature and the Arts, from Canada, the United States, Australia, India, Estonia, the Philippines, France, Ukraine, and Brazil.

The ‘In Every Issue’ section features:
• ‘State of the Discipline’ by Dr. Paul Jay (Professor English and a Fellow at the Center for Interdisciplinary Thinking at Loyola University Chicago)
• ‘CL History’ by Dr. Christina Santos (Associate Professor at Brock University)
• ‘U Views’ by Dr. T. Tally Jr. (Associate Professor of English at Texas State University)
• ‘Media X’ by Dr. Jennifer Beckett and Dr. Tom Apperley (Journalism and Media Research Centre, University of New South Wales)

Following this issue’s theme, articles and reviews by graduate students explore the relationship between literature and geography. These insightful inquiries offer interdisciplinary and comparative analyses and discussions of interest to academics in Comparative Literature and the Arts.

As always, the CL Hub section offers valuable insights and resources relevant to students, teachers and scholars of literature.

This is an excellent issue, and I encourage you to browse through the various sections http://inquire.streetmag.org/issues/Geography

If you would like to contribute to upcoming issues please contact the editor at [email protected]. Any graduate students interested in joining the Inquire editorial team, please contact the editor at [email protected].


Gabrielle Kristjanson, Editor


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