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Issue 4.2: November 2015
"Wake up in Moloch!": Representations of Modernity in Literature and Art

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Issue 4.2 (November 2015) is published!

“Wake up in Moloch!”: Representations of Modernity in Literature and Art

Inquire 4.2 Call for Papers is Out!

Please visit our Submissions section to view the Call for Papers for Issue 4.2

Inquire 3.2 (February 2014) is published

Inquire: Journal of Comparative Literature 3.2 (February 2014) ‘Neither Here Nor There: The (Non-)Geographical Futures of Comparative Literature’ is published.

Inquire 3.1 (March 2013) is published!

Literature and Identity

Inquire 2.2 (June 2012) is published!

09. 2012 Inquire 2.2 ‘Literary Violence’ (June 2012) is published.

Inquire 2.1 (Jan 2012) is published!

01.2012. Inquire 2.1 (Jan 2012) ‘Global Dialogues’ is published.

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11.2011-05.2012. Inquire is seeking graduate students in Comparative Literature and the Arts to join the editorial team for 2012-13.

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